So, Who Is This Guy Anyway?

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Pre-broadcast in San Jose
Pre-broadcast in San Jose
At a party with friends
At a party with friends

Software Exec by profession.

Taught myself to program when I was nine years old, have been doing it on and off ever since. For the last several years, I’ve been a software executive, architect, and evangelist.

I am an apigeek at Apigee in California.

Lover of language, music, literature, and philosophy.

People ask me what I’m passionate about. This list gives you a pretty good idea.

Theoretically, a writer.

Real life gets in the way. A lot. But, ever since I was eight years old, I’ve known that I want to write.

This site helps me get it out of my system.

Some of the places I’ve lived…

Upstate New York
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Milan, Italy
Turin, Italy
Brooklyn, New York
Silicon Valley, California